Sunday, May 3, 2009

About Converse

Converse is a shoe company from America. It was founded in the year 1908.

More than shoes, Converse is a story of legends, heroes and innovators tied together by the love of sport.

It’s a script that spans nearly a hundred years – the ultimate highlight reel.

The converse headquarters are based in Malden, Massachusetts.

They deal mainly in athletic shoes and apparels.

The company was founded by Marquis M. Converse when he was in his late 30s.

The Converse Company initially was a big flop. It was only after they released their 'All-Star' range of shoes with Chuck Taylor's signature Converse hit it big time.

They rapidly became famous after the deal with Chuck Taylor went through.
They quickly became the official shoes of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The first series of the 'All-Star' shoes came into production in the mid 1970s.

On the 9th of July, 2003 the converse company was purchased by Nike for 305 million dollar.

The legacy of Converse – the true soul of American sports – continues to unfold, in sport and in life, in the 21st century.

Monday, April 27, 2009


This is Padini Authentics sweater.

The back view of the sweater.

This is Converse 's sweater.

The front view of the sweater .

Compare Padini's sweater , I prefer Converse's sweater.

It is because the Converse's one make me feel warm when I wear it on.

I like the simple design of the Converse's sweater as well.

Since the weather is hot,I didn't wear it to class for a long period.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shopping Bag

I have got 3 shopping bags from CONVERSE.

Welcome to the converse century.

Recently design of the shopping bag.

The design around 2 years ago.

This is my first Converse shopping bag.It's around 3 years ago.

Which design is nicer ? I like them all.^^


This is my pencil bag.

I have this pencil bag since i came to MMU .

It belongs to me almost 3 years .

I believe it will be accompany me till i end my study in MMU. ^^

Side view of the pencil bag. Is that cool ?? I like it so much..

a set of ....ruler? Ruler set of CONVERSE...

I bought it from Popular at Jusco Melaka.

It costs me RM 9.90 . A little bit expensive.

I always bring the plastic case to

attend final exam . It's convenient for me to just fill in 2 or 3 pens.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Converse in Perth

The store is in the promotion period .

because it's gonna be changed to cold soon.

Purple set~

The shoes are almost the same, but just the pink colour is not available in Malaysia .

I never see this kind of design available in Melaka.

It quite cheap to have one . The size is not suiting me .

$15 = RM 39.15

Friday, March 27, 2009


What should i wear in summer day ??

Will this question appear in your mind ?

Let me introduce 1 set of CONVERSE cloth for girl ~(sorry to guys ,next post ...)

=Ruffle Edge Racer Back Tank=

That's ruffle edge at the bottom make the tank looks cute!
$95.00 USD = RM 343.50
The price for this tank is expensive for me !
I wonder when i can get this in Malaysia ==''
Someone present it to me please...XD

Hoho, here comes to = Plaid Shorts=.
This shorts is really attracted me
$45.00=RM 162.75
The price is a little bit high, but hope that i can get this in Malaysia .

=Chuck Taylor All Star Butterfly=
tank + plaid shorts ..
now comes to shoes!

The butterfly brings Summer ! Its looks sweet and charming . Love it !
$55.00USD =RM 198.8
The price of this shoes is normal .

=Chuck Taylor All Star Double Upper=
''The Chuck Taylor All Star shoe has double eyelets which doubles the lacing fun.
Canvas upper, vulcanized rubber outsole for increased traction and flexibility.''


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friend's Converse

Hi all...

Guess, who is in the photo ?

The Converse bag is been with him side by side every day since purchased.

The bag has age of four. I was shocked because the bag exactly looks new!

i am confident with the converse trendy design.

So i believe that Converse had established as a reliable brand.