Friday, March 27, 2009


What should i wear in summer day ??

Will this question appear in your mind ?

Let me introduce 1 set of CONVERSE cloth for girl ~(sorry to guys ,next post ...)

=Ruffle Edge Racer Back Tank=

That's ruffle edge at the bottom make the tank looks cute!
$95.00 USD = RM 343.50
The price for this tank is expensive for me !
I wonder when i can get this in Malaysia ==''
Someone present it to me please...XD

Hoho, here comes to = Plaid Shorts=.
This shorts is really attracted me
$45.00=RM 162.75
The price is a little bit high, but hope that i can get this in Malaysia .

=Chuck Taylor All Star Butterfly=
tank + plaid shorts ..
now comes to shoes!

The butterfly brings Summer ! Its looks sweet and charming . Love it !
$55.00USD =RM 198.8
The price of this shoes is normal .

=Chuck Taylor All Star Double Upper=
''The Chuck Taylor All Star shoe has double eyelets which doubles the lacing fun.
Canvas upper, vulcanized rubber outsole for increased traction and flexibility.''


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friend's Converse

Hi all...

Guess, who is in the photo ?

The Converse bag is been with him side by side every day since purchased.

The bag has age of four. I was shocked because the bag exactly looks new!

i am confident with the converse trendy design.

So i believe that Converse had established as a reliable brand.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Converse Shoes


This is the converse shoes i wish to have, because its in PURPLE!

Since it doesn't have a smaller size , then i have no chance to bring it back .

See, this is what i have now !

Back side look.

It cost me RM109.90 bougth it from Jusco Seremban 2.

It is comfortable to wear and the price is affordable .

Sunday, March 1, 2009


This photo is get from CONVERSE HOME

I saw this and love it very much ,while i 'shopping' online.
Because it is in PURPLE!

The colourful style makes people looks young !

In purple and yellow , my favourite colour!

Sweet colour PURPLE + PINK.

Name:Karoly Kiralyfalvi ? I don't really understand the meaning of it .


Hope i can get it from MALAYSIA but not to spent $70 USD.
$70 USD = RM 259.14