Monday, April 27, 2009


This is Padini Authentics sweater.

The back view of the sweater.

This is Converse 's sweater.

The front view of the sweater .

Compare Padini's sweater , I prefer Converse's sweater.

It is because the Converse's one make me feel warm when I wear it on.

I like the simple design of the Converse's sweater as well.

Since the weather is hot,I didn't wear it to class for a long period.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shopping Bag

I have got 3 shopping bags from CONVERSE.

Welcome to the converse century.

Recently design of the shopping bag.

The design around 2 years ago.

This is my first Converse shopping bag.It's around 3 years ago.

Which design is nicer ? I like them all.^^


This is my pencil bag.

I have this pencil bag since i came to MMU .

It belongs to me almost 3 years .

I believe it will be accompany me till i end my study in MMU. ^^

Side view of the pencil bag. Is that cool ?? I like it so much..

a set of ....ruler? Ruler set of CONVERSE...

I bought it from Popular at Jusco Melaka.

It costs me RM 9.90 . A little bit expensive.

I always bring the plastic case to

attend final exam . It's convenient for me to just fill in 2 or 3 pens.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Converse in Perth

The store is in the promotion period .

because it's gonna be changed to cold soon.

Purple set~

The shoes are almost the same, but just the pink colour is not available in Malaysia .

I never see this kind of design available in Melaka.

It quite cheap to have one . The size is not suiting me .

$15 = RM 39.15